The Global Matrix Readers’ Theater Community and Families are hosted by Next Generation Global Education, a not-for-profit educational organization based in the United States. We appreciate your interest in exploring our program.

There are three paths you may take.

  1. Becoming a Member: This is your opportunity to browse through the growing number of licensed GMRT facilitators. If you decide to join a family, register and select the facilitator whose family you would like to join. They will be notified, and will respond back with further information about availability.
  2. Becoming a Facilitator: Courses are held 1-2 times a month, each requiring a month to complete. A course consists of four 90-minute classes on zoom and multiple assignments. At the end of the course you will have completed and facilitated a script.Upon completion of this course you will obtain a Probational GMRT facilitator’s license certificate worth 3 professional development hours (equivalent to 45 study hours). Following completion you will have 6 months to earn a Professional license by establishing a family and contributing to the overall goals of GMRT.
  3. Writing Scripts: Our scripts, written in English, are specialized to encourage learning in a multicultural global environment. We offer a free two-hour workshop to learn the requirements and techniques for developing scripts. Scripts can be based on folklore, favorite stories, personal experiences or any academic subject.

And don’t forget to watch for open sessions which are announced on our Facebook group and website calendar.

GMRT has an open session Zoom Room which always remains the same.