Tracy Hanson is the Founder and CEO of Next Generation Global Education, Inc and the developer of the Matrix of the Learner.

She entered the field of education in 1979 with a focus on ensuring each learner had many opportunities to explore questions and find the answers. Her goal was always to empower each learner to reach for his/her individual potential. She holds a Masters in Reading and Curriculum Development and a second in Educational Administration.

She’s worked as a teacher, director, consultant, and administrator with elementary students, medically fragile multi-handicapped children, gifted learners, adults recovering from a breakdown, and young children ages birth to three years old. She opened Mistacres School in 2009, a private K-8 school licensed by NHDoE which focused on delivering individualized educational programs using Open Education Resources. It evolved into a home-school consortium where parents could find guidance in locating materials for their child’s program as well as a virtual location for them to meet and exchange ideas. In 2011 it incorporated into Next Generation Global Education.

Regardless of the group she was working with or the hat she wore, she had learned family and community were integral parts to a strong learning environment and that peers could be strong educators. From that knowledge, the vision of the Matrix of a Learner was developed in 2014. Since 2015, she has been traveling through Africa, India and Nepal with a brief visit to the Domincan Republic participating in workshops and conferences, consulting with organizations and businesses, mentoring educators, as well as work with families and communities.

In her recent book, she reflects, “I now have thousands of “brothers and sisters of another mother.” It was a time filled with song and dance, a sharing of cultures and traditions, and coming to an understanding; we are all facing the same problems regardless of our country. It was a time of discovering the value of the Matrix of a Learner beyond the walls of traditional education, as a philosophy and model that could help the coming together of humanity for a better world. I was raised to believe that when you visit a place, it should be left in better shape than when you arrived. The Matrix of a Learner is my contribution”.

She has received 2 awards for her work in 2018: World Icon of Peace Through Transformation of Learning and the Vigor International Humanitarian Award.