Cicely has been studying Raj Yoga for the past 5 years as a Spiritual practice, during this time she has become a TV producer and host for the award winning TV show called Give and Take the Virtues in LIfe. She has her Masters in Psychology and is originally from the U.K, but has called New York home for many years, that would account for the unique blend of the two accents.

She has been a Manager, Supervisor and a Director in the profit and nonprofit sectors; she made a career change into the field of education a few years back. She started off by teaching parents the importance of them being their child’s first teacher by conducting workshops and individual trainings both in the community and their homes, She used the nationally recognized PAT (Parents as Teachers) program. Also sat on the New York State Education Parent Advisory Committee, served on the New York State Education Department SURR team (Schools Under Registration Review), evaluating low performing schools in New York City for many years.She started teaching children who have special needs using the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program; this was on a 1:1 basis and a group setting and then moved to teaching typically developing children so that she can see the different levels of Early Childhood Development. She holds two degrees one in Early Childhood Development and one in Psychology.

She has a business called Regard 4 Virtues that focuses on the development of Self which translates in to development in Personal, Business, Organizational and Educational Development. She does personal coaching in the areas of life, family, business and spiritual. Her natural instinctive, rational and peaceful characteristics enables her to make things happen exponentially using her Raja Yoga skills and the Ubuntu techniques she integrates them in her practical life and shares the essence with others. She is currently working on the organizational development of Matrix of a Learner and other projects in the U.S. and internationally. To find out more information about Cicely G you can visit her at