Our History

Next Generation Global Education, (hereafter referred to as NGGE) originally incorporated in 2012 as K12 Next Generation Inc as a US not-for-profit organization with a primary focus on understanding and integrating the vast quantity of newly developed Open Educational Resources (OER) into curriculum in order to meet more of the individual learners needs and to create a global resource library where children around the world could share in learning together. Articles of Amendment were filed in 2013 to amend the name to Next Generation Global Education.



In 2014, the Matrix of a Learner was developed with a vision of education for the people, by the people, based in regionally determined culturally relevant education. It guides users to rethink what learning is and what’s its purpose. Who is a learner? How, where, and when does learning takes place? Who, What, Where are the Learners resources? How are they all interconnected?