All scripts which are used with GMRT families contain four (4) elements making them unique.

  1. Every script has an introduction page for readers to explore before, during and after group meetings. This is often referred to as Flipped Learning.
  2.  Parts are all color-coded for easier reading and to maintain readers’ focus and place in the script.
  3. Pictures added to scripts are placed on the right side of the text to enhance the text without interfering with the reading.
  4.  Vocabulary and/or words of special interest are highlighted and linked to their pronunciation and definition.

Our Executive Board reviews every script before it is placed in a curated library which is made accessible to all licensed facilitators of GMRT Families.

3 sample scripts:

  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake – An example of using a simple “picture” book. Although a simple story, review the introduction to see how many different academics are addressed?
  • The Lily Root– An example of turning a short story into script. Again, look at the variety of things to explore in the introduction.
  • Fred Rogers – An example of an original script.

Below is a list of our scripts:


Creator /Script writer


Anansi’s Feast

Glenn McCarty -Adapted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

Anansi is a well-known cultural icons among West Africans who, often is the tricked rather than the trickster.


Ant and the Grasshopper

Glenn McCarty -Adapted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

An Aesoph Fable

Lily Root

Tracy Hanson

Ojibway story about Indengenous People and their use of nature for healing

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

by Laura Numeroff, GMRT script by Tracy Hanson

If you give a pig a pancake you might think that’s the end of it. But not for this pig.

Little Red Riding Hood

Richard Swallow -Adapted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

Classic tale by the Grimm Brothers

Mr. Rogers

Tracy Hanson

Fred Rogers life and influence on children’s TV

Not “The Night Before Christmas”

Story by Carol Montgomery
Scripted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

Christmas poem parody

The Elephant Child

Story by Rudyard Kipling/Scripted by Tracy Hanson

A tale of how the elephant got its trunk

The Emperors New Clothes

Fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen
Adapted by Tracy Hanson

A take of cunning and the willingness of people to believe what others say although it’s wrong.

The Frog Prince Continued

Story by Jon Scieszka/Scripted by Jill Jauquet

A new ending to an old Brothers Grimm German Fairytail

The Great Kopek Tree

By Lynne Cherry
Adapted by Tracy Hanson

A tale of the rainforest.

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Story by Paul Galdon/Adapted by Tracy Hanson

A tale of the rainforest.

Thunder and Lightning

Retold by Cindy Pioli, GMRT script by Keshab Prasad Parajuli

Nigerian folktale


Tale by Julia Donaldson / Adapted by Tracy Hanson

A story of a cleaver mouse tricking predators

The Little Red Hen

Adapted by Tracy Hanson

Should you reap the rewards when you don’t do any of the work?

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

by Jon Scieska / Scripted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

Well-know story from the wolves point of view of the wolf.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Poem by Clement Clarke Moore/ Scripted for GMRT by Tracy Hanson

Traditional American Christmas poem

Yuuki and the Tsuname

Retold by Elaine L. Lindy & Adapted by P. J. Rittige /Adapted for GMRT by Divya Gupta

Japanese story about the village people getting ready to celebrate a good rice harvest.

Where the Wild Things Are

Story by Maurice Sendak
Adapted by Tracy Hanson

A story of childhood beliefs and imagination.

Why Cats Live in Houses

Tales from the Grassland and the Forest by Agnes Ngoh Nzuh. Adapted by Neba Bineh Grace and Tracy Hanson

Tale from Camaroon, Africa, explaining why cats live in house.

The Wizard, the Fairy and the Chicken

Story by Helen Lester, Scripted by Jill Jauquet

A story of of collaboration