GRMT Facilitators Page

The GMRT platform is a unique way of creating a safe, enjoyable, inactive learning environment,  and is licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlke 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)  If you are licensed;
  1. You will have the ability to network other licensed facilitators growing our GMRT families  into a Global MRT Community. 
  2. You will have access to the growing library of GMRT scripts .
  3. You will have priority entrance into GMRT’s special events, webinars, conferences and classes.  
Page links to be created:
  1. List of facilitators and families by country (visible to all with contact info only available to other facilitators)
  2. Facilitators info page (editable page available to facilitator by passcode)
  3. Script Library: List of categorized GMRT scripts (visible to all, but only licensed facilitators can download scripts)
  4. Become a facilitator (Linked to membership page)