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GMRT: Global Matrix Reading Theater Family

GMRT Vision: To create and facilitate intercultural and multi-age GMRT all over the world.

GMRT Mission: Our Global Matrix Readers’ Theatre is a cross-cultural global learning platform designed to bring individuals and groups across the world together to enhance language skills and cultural understanding. Our purpose is to promote global communication in the spirit of love, unity and collaboration that will grow and support a sustainable, peaceful and harmonious world.

GMRT Process: Our unique cross-cultural educational initiative enables users to understand, research, and share local and world issues through specially-designed interactive scripts that bring together people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. Reading scripts always leads to open ended discussions that allow members to express their perceptions without fear of criticism. The scripts provoke critical thinking, reflection and mindfulness.  Global ESL Learners are particularly eager to participate and engage with those in other countries to understand cross-cultural divides and issues, while increasing their proficiency in English.