ngg1It’s a great feeling to know that the past four years I’ve failed everything in school, that I knew everything and I could’ve done it but I couldn’t do it like that and this year I constantly get emails saying “Wow, that’s some amazing work,” and “Great job, you’re doing wonderful,” and “You’re really a first time online learner? Typically students who are first year online learners don’t take the maximum amount of classes—let alone get good grades and don’t struggle with that many classes!”
It honestly makes me feel so much happier to be learning like this.
This time last year, I had C’s, D’s, and F’s, and now I have 5 A’s and 1 B! Lots of people told me they didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, that I’d struggle and fail by this time… I don’t think you could’ve been more wrong… I’m so happy.

Niaomi – 9/2015

ngg2Lifesong Kenya (www.lifesongkenya.org) enables children to discover the treasure within themselves for the purpose of embracing a more purposeful life and being responsible citizens of a country. They will have an understanding of their environment and how to use the tools available to them. This is what makes this approach universal.

‘The Matrix of the Learner’ places the learner in the center education. When these happen, the learners will be (a) Successful, (b) Motivated, and, (c) Empowered.

During a reading event in August 2015, we had the opportunity to engage with over 50 children in Maralal, Samburu County in Kenya. Though the children initially lacked initiative and had numerous challenges with reading and working with the stories we provided, they showed an improvement and interest in reading, creative thinking as well as having a more positive outlook towards education, learning and living in their environment.

One boy wrote in his evaluation, “What looks like garbage waste to another person can be gold in the hands of a thankful person who knows what to do with it.”  9/’15 by James Ouma and Cynthia Wendo



“Thank you so much for inviting me to this workshop.  I have learned a lot about give back to my community by using my talents.  My dream is to share my knowledge or bamboo work to young people in America and to teach them no matter wherever you come from you will still make a difference in this world.

I appreciate the vision of NGGE and look forward to joining the team.”