A New Model for Education

Our Strategy is to follow The Matrix of the Learner: 1) EXPLORE ideas which support our interests in a sustainable global community. Studies show interests and motivation are key to a learner’s success. (Search phase)  2) LEARN content that excites our curiosity, stimulates our imagination and drives us to want more. (Research phase) 3) CREATE artifacts resulting from our learning. Artifacts include: a “How to” movie explaining in detail the process of building or making something, lists of resources to share with our global partners etc. 4) MASTER KNOWLEDGE by making learning meaningful through practice and application. 5) GIVE BACK by sharing your knowledge with other learners.  

Who are you in the “Matrix”?

Video was prepared in 2015 and does not reflect updated Matrix

It’s About Learning Being Learner-Relevant

Educators, students, parents, and communities around the world are calling for a change in how education is delivered.   Major corporations list some of the most important skills our 21st century learners should have  are: the ability to make informed, well thought out decisions, is self-accountable,  assumes responsibility, is self-directed,  uses time wisely, is resourceful,  possesses good communication skills, works well with others, and possess basic academic and technical skills. There is no one job which fits all workers so why does the system treat education as a one size fits all learners.  Each individual is unique in how he/she unfolds their “Matrix”.  If learning were  relevant to  the passions of the learner and each learner was allowed to obtain their goals in their time and way, then chances for success greaten.  And success is a strong motivational force to continue to succeed. Like a seed  nurtured and supported, each individual can sprout and blossom.  

Jennifer, a high school student in Cameroon explains the Matrix.