Give Back

The “Give Back” completes the cycle of the “Matrix of the Learner” and ng1also furthers ng2the growth of a Learner as a person. By giving back, a Learner is moving forward while strengthening their community and the common good. Your give back, no matter what size, expands the collective widsom upon which we all draw. The give back accelerates “The Matrix of a Learner” by ng3inspiring the giver and those who receive the Give Back. By giving back, the “Learner” commits an act of leadership that inspires others to follow and in so doing the learner becomes transformed into the Educator.

ng4Here is a class from Maine that, after writing a book and producing a play, used them to help their Food Shelf. Here is their “Give Back”.

Livingstone is a wonderful example of “Give Back”. He will share his story with you all. Until then, check out one of his latest accomplishments where he won “won this year’s “Most Inspirational Skype Master Teacher Award” He has also gone on to create Hope Initiative Foundation, a community learning center in his home village in Kenya. read more.

Michael Soskil, advisory member of NGGE,  has built a website ( where each participating school school will maintain a garden that will be used to teach students and to benefit the community.  How you teach, and how you want to connect with the community are up to you. Come and create a Give Back for your community too.