The Learner

learnLearn, according to the dictionary means:” to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience.” (I believe this word should be and. “…to gain (a habit, mannerism, etc.) by experience, exposure to example, or the like; acquire”


Son of BarnabasSon of Barnabas, Kenya
You begin to learn from the time you begin to acquire skills and knowledge.  If we use this definition then each of us was born a learner.  No, not with the same abilities or interests, not from the same communities or countries, not of the same color or religion, not of the same sex.  But we are all learners – learning should be nondiscriminatory.
Daughter of Alexis, Dominic Republic

And when do you stop learning.  She is here to tell you, It isn’t until you die.

Daughter of AlexisGreat grandmother (126) to Barnabas, Kenya

We are all learners. We are all teachers. We have the resources, the knowledge and the ability to teach eachother if we have a safe, supportive, collaborative learning environment.

Education can be what we make it, not what some one makes for us.

Sites I follow

These are only a few sites that I follow.  I have listed them here because I have had the opportunity to meet these people and the pleasure to work with some.  
More can be added by you.  Just send us the name of the site, the link and a brief description about the site.  It will be reviewed by our staff and added if applicable.

  • iNACOL: International Association for K-12 Online Learning “iNACOL is a nonprofit organization with the mission to ensure all students have access to a world-class education and quality blended and online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success.”
    An excellent organization that I hope we can influence to use their leadership to actually support a learner -driven system by eliminating grade levels from the educational structure.  
  • ReTHINKING LEARNING by Barbara Bray and her partner site PERSONALIZED LEARNING where she teams up with fellow educator, Kathleen McClaskey
    I am proud to know both these educators and have often had very excellent conversations with Barbara, whose background as an educator was in direct parallel to my own.  I am not sure that the definition Personalized Learning and Learner-Driven are so different.  They offer excellent materials and ideas.  I would like to see them become involved with some of the third world members of NGGE.
  • UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe is a wonderful resource to help when facilitating the structure of a lesson/course with learners.
    Jay McTighe and Associates  Pack with excellent resources well worth exploring.
    ubdeducators:  A Wiki where you will find many ideas, resources and support.
  • FLAT CONNECTIONS is directed by Julie Lindsay is a wonderful networking site which carries out global projects. Flat Connections “provides resources, skills, strategies and access to ‘learning while doing’ in a global context through innovative pedagogy and online digital technologies.”
  • PROJECT BASED LEARNING (PBL) is “a model for classroom activity that shifts away from teacher-centered instruction and emphasizes student-centered projects.”  according to the NEA which includes both the definition and resources for those wishing to learn how create pbl for opportunities for learners.
  • THE BUCK INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION (BIE) where you can find information, resources and even current online Hangouts to learn more about PBL.