Merriam-Webster’s definitions:
to give lessons
teach :  to cause or help (someone) to learn about a subject by giving lessons

facilitator:  one that facilitates; especially :  one that helps to bring about an outcome (as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.

Who would you rather learn with?  A person who’s goal is to cause learning or one who guides learning.  Who decides what each student must learn and when they should learn it and many time what materials they will use?  It certainly isn’t the individual learner and it isn’t the teachers either.  Oh, they may have started with good intentions and high hopes of making things better but those are short lived.  According to a report published by the Alliance and reported in an article dated 7/2014 in The Hechinger Report , “Researchers estimate that over 1 million teachers move in and out of schools annually, and between 40 and 50 percent quit within five years.”


Progression of relevant learning in today’s educational system:


  2. State Government
  3. Local SAU’s
  4. Teachers
  5. Students

It needs to be flipped!


  1. LEARNERflipp
  2. Facilitator
  3. Community
  4. State
  5. Government


You don’t need four years of college and thousands of dollars to be a good facilitator. You need to become the learner of the child.


  • Ask questions
  • Listen to their answers
  • Watch their behaviors


If you follow the Matrix and Explore with the Learner, together you can build a curriculum pathway with Open Educational Resources (OER).

We will provide you with the information and support you need to become a successful educator to facilitate learners.