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“By acknowledging that different students learn at different rates and attending to those differences as part of the educational endeavor, we can ensure equal opportunity by customizing appropriately without sacrificing high expectations.” – Nicholas C. Donohue, President and CEO, Nellie Mae Education Foundation (pg. 8)
2015-03-03 10.17.20Tracy Hanson, Founder and CEO of Next Generation Global Education and the designer of the Matrix of a Learner.  In 2015 she traveled to  five countries over  seven months where she presented workshops and conferences for educators as well as modeling instruction with the children. Tracy holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education, a Master's in Curriculum Development and Reading.  Her second Master's is in Educational Administration.
Tracy has been in the field of education since 1979 working as a teacher, director, consultant, and administrator with elementary students, medically fragile multi-handicapped children, gifted learners, adults recovering from a break-down, and birth to 3 year olds.Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 9.34.39 PM One of the greatest ironies  in her life is that she became an educator despite her own struggles through a system that was unable to fit her as a learner. Therefore, she has focused her educational career on insuring each learner is given the opportunities to reach their individual potential. Unfortunately many obstacles (such as bureaucratic control and perpetual testing of arbitrary standards) has hindered this vision.
Now young learners are building global networks through Internet Technology. Open Educational Resources (OER) offer quality learning opportunities for all who can gain access. We are at a turning point in our history where there is a choice of widening the gap of inequalities or creating a system of collaboration and understanding for the successful security of our world.
She is a mother and grandmother who was raised to believe that when you visit a place it should be left in better shape then when you arrived.  The “Matrix of a Learner” is her contribution to education, the gateway to creating a better understanding of each other, a more responsible and collaborative society opening the doors for a more peaceful world. Education for Learners by learners Here are a few faces joining her in this vision.  You can add yourself here.  For a donation of $25 you can be added to the top tier of supporters.  For $10 you will have you picture added to the second tier.  Each of your dollars will buy a year of educational support to a child in the third world.

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