Home of the Matrix of a Learner

Our vision is to establish global educational reform by promoting the understanding, adoption and implementation of a Learner-Centered Model across the world.

Our Mission is to promote the Matrix of the Learner Philosophy and to Facilitate its implementation in learning situations and for all Learners, Educators, Parents, Peers, Local Communities, and Global Citizens. We believe that a Learner-Centric Model accelerates individual growth, betters the community, and results in solving real world problems.


NGGE believes that —

  1. In Giving, We Receive: Every member of NGGE understands that by giving and helping each other and the growth of NGGE, we all benefit.
  2. Meaningful Education: Learner-driven questions, derived from an individual’s natural curiosity forms the basis of a personalized Traditional education (both public & private) has created artificial groups of learners, based on age, rather than developmental abilities and curiosities.
  3. Global Collaboration: When individuals come together to solve a problem of interest that has a positive impact on our global citizens, everyone
  4. Real World Sustainability: Assessments are formative (ongoing). Summative assessments are demonstrated by application of acquired knowledge to real world tasks.
Walking their pathway to knowledge.

Walking their pathway to knowledge.



Educators, students, parents, and communities around the world are calling for a change in how we educate 21st century learners.   Major corporations say the most important skills our 21st century learners should have are: the ability to make informed, well thought out decisions, is self-accountable,  assumes responsibility, is self-directed,  uses time wisely, is resourceful,  possesses good communication skills, works well with others, and possess basic academic and technical skills.